Start Your Day with God
Daily meditation for your spiritual growth

About the Author

My story comes at a time that all will be able to relate. I had to struggle most of my life. Like many others, the turning point was when I decided to dig deeper into my faith walk with God. I had been going to church for about two and a half years learning, but in a sense not truly growing because I lacked purpose. Once I discovered that purpose, I no longer had to wander in the wilderness of life aimlessly. Many people attend church out of tradition because grandma and mama made them but not out of love for Christ. The more I grew, the more I wanted to grow and know more about the man called Jesus. I have discovered what true love is. No, it is not the physical love that most teenagers and young adults strive to have but the spiritual intimacy of understanding what unconditional love truly is. This love is without walls or boundaries. We have so many walls of protection up that we can not truly see the agape love that God desires that we experience. As much as I adore my wife and children there is no love like Christ, the ultimate life giver and the sacrificial lamb of God. Who could love more? Who could love harder? Who could love unconditionally like Christ? His love is deeper than anyone can imagine. I truly found that love about eleven years ago and have not and will not let go. Being told that I would not amount to much, being told that since I was not intelligent enough to do this or that and even being told that I needed to have a certain title to do anything or to get recognized that I was a person of God, could have ruined my life, but I discovered God’s love and it sustained me. What truly distinguishes us with God is our love for Him and others. I have that sincere love for all I come into contact with. I may not have a full bank account but that does not slow down nor stop my love for God and others because God’s love has made me richer than money ever could. I smile and laugh as often as I can because I am happy and full of joy in the Lord Jesus Christ. Discovering purpose allowed me to see things in a different light. I understand what worship is and praise and adoration are. I understand that God desires to hear from me each day and expects me to receive His guidance and directions. Each day is an opportunity for me to say, ” Good morning Lord, I love you for who you are and not for what you do and that’s enough.” But as you can see and understand God deserves and desires more. He wants me to tell about His love story, and how He can change lives and that we are not meant to be in poverty but to be prosperous and walk in good health even as our soul prospers. My story is not that profound nor complex, but simply put God’s love can move mountains. God’s love heals disease; it mends broken hearts and provides understanding to those who lack it. God brought me from a point of having a dad there but very little guidance as to what it took to be a man. God did that. He was my guide into manhood. I prayed and asked God to teach me how to be a man, a husband, and a father. That’s how much He loves me. He teaches me and gives me understanding and places the right people in my life. God has my best interest at hand, so why should I be afraid of change and growth. God’s love for me will not cause me to fail; it will correct me when needed; it will hold me when I need it, and God’s love will also be there to listen even to my deepest thoughts and heal my deepest wounds. God’s love is powerful enough to move the mountains of life that may hinder my progress and even strengthen me to climb on either side of the mountain. Each day God shows me how much He loves me. I realize not enough people truly understand His love. They say they do, but actions speak louder than words. Putting your love for Christ in action is pleasing to Him. Start your day with God will somehow cause an examination through constantly hearing and visualizing what God is saying in His word and through His love about the relationship He requires between man and Himself. The understanding of this relationship will cause man to want to move closer to Him. God’s love is so powerful; it will transform the old into the new. I am not the same anymore; I have God and His unconditional love and it changed my life forever, and that’s a story in itself. To God Be the Glory and Many Blessings

– Anthony R. Sanders


12 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for dedicating each day to share God’s message. Thank you.

    God bless you

    • Dear Michelle,

      I am grateful and I give God the glory, thank you for allowing me to share the word and love of God through His Son Jesus Christ. I truly appreciate your comments and you are very welcome and I am honored that you took the time to respond. Blessings and keep the faith.


  3. To God be the glory!!! Love your posts…lifted my spirits with words I desperately needed to hear right now… Thank you for pouring yourself out for others! God bless you, Pastor Anthony… 🙂

    • Praise God, God bless you Lady Donna, I am grateful for your kind words and give God the glory. Peace be unto you, walk in the ways of the Lord and allow Him to reveal to you what is next in your life, don’t step ahead of Him but trust Him to order your steps. Be blessed and God says wait before you move. “I got something to show you.” says the Lord of Host.

  4. your wisdom in comforting souls is so Christ-like.Everyday I look forward to reading Start your Day.Each day seems to be exactly what will help me to grow stronger and Believe God for my family and friends and even to love enemies with the love of God in Christ.Thank you so much and may God continue to be your source of inspiration.To God be the Glory for we need more men of God to lead the way and follow Christ.God bless you!!

    • Wow my heart is so overjoyed Ms. Rita, thank you so much and I give God the glory, thank you so much for this kind words. My heart is full at this moment. Thank you so much. God bless you and keep you healthy and strong in Jesus name amen.

  5. Dear Anthony,

    It has been a while since I have been to your blog. Long story short, I got in God’s way (my holy spirit junior plans didn’t quite pan out); I’m desperate to get back into His secret hiding place and this blog is my first step. As I struggle with the battles in life and more precisely, the battle between flesh and spirit, I am eternally grateful that God has placed people like you in this world to encourage those who need it. Even though you are thousands of miles away from where I am and our paths will most likely never cross, I just want to send you a big virtual hug and thank you for all that you do. Since visiting your blog for the first time four years ago, the web address got permanently etched into my mind. And every time I would feel down and ask God to lift me up, He would gently remind me to start my day with Him. When I’d murmur that it’s too hard to do that, He would remind me of how easy He has made it: “You can even do it on the Internet”…Yes, that’s our Holy God, The One we serve, and The One who can be very specific when it comes to meeting our needs. Yesterday He told me to start reading your blog again. So here I am, starting my day with God. You may never fully understand how important your work is to the Kingdom. So even if you feel tired and may have those day where you wonder if people are reading, trust that Our Father has given you this ministry for His purpose. Thank you. I pray and give thanks that God is continuously blessing you and your family abundantly and beyond your imagination. Amen. I wish you a blessed and happy day!


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